United States: Don’t go without a travel agent

United States: Don’t go without a travel agent

Overcrowded parks, attractions sold out, hotels reaching maximum capacity, rental companies with no cars, game tickets already in the hands of fans… the slump in demand was indeed present, and in the coming weeks combined Traveling across the state (even months) at this start of retake is a different, more specialized and more expensive activity.

What matters: Vaccination has advanced in the United States, rates of cases and deaths have plummeted and tourism has needed professionals to serve the traveler until recently “engaged.” One of the most touristy cities in the country, Orlando has 100% reopened, a privilege not limited to a Florida destination. Chicago, Nashville, New York and other big cities are in full swing. Bars, hotels, restaurants, gyms… Get ready, travel agents, because your consultation will be essential to the post-pandemic “new tourism” in this country that is sought after by Brazilians.

These are the testimonies (and tips) from two guests at this week’s backstage tours. Straight from Florida, Claudia Menezes, president of Go Pegasus Reception, and recently landed Heloisa Prass, marketing director of PANROTAS, lived as a professional and a tourist, what it’s been about. Boom American recovery.

“You can’t leave without planning your trip, or you might end up here and have nothing to do. Disney, and SeaWorld require reservations, while Universal also has its own specific date rules. Where does it go. Football games, basketball games, car rentals, events, group shows. Things have changed and the coming seasons will be very strong,” warns Claudia Menezes.

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“Read, communicate with your partners, look up information online. Now you can’t guess anything. You have to do it all over again and whoever masters this knowledge will make the difference. Now the role of travel agent It’s time to return to. Did before and made a difference. This is a great opportunity that the crisis is giving us to change our history and regain this place”, completes the president of Go Pegasus.

“Airports are normal. Life is normal. I only felt the difference in the agility of the service. Other times, you were assisted in moments and can see how much it has changed today. The service area in the restaurant was affected , in hotels, in many establishments”, explains Heloise Press. “Protocols have changed in general and people who were used to traveling in the United States will have a different experience from the small details.”

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