United States: The fight for independence comes on Netflix

United States: The fight for independence comes on Netflix

In the coming days, Netflix will debut its new documentary series in the Brazilian catalog. USA: freedom fight Is presented by Will Smith and features several guest artists. Well, here is everything we know about the series in streaming.

Plot of USA: Fight for Freedom

United States: The Struggle for Independence There is a series that addresses the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. The most enduring milestone of democracy, it was built in 1868 and guarantees freedom and equal protection for all. Through an innovative narrative, the series brings together several public figures.

Thus, they give life to speeches written by some of the most powerful defenders and opponents of the Fourteenth Amendment. Among them, Frederick Douglass, Drs. Martin Luther King Jr., Ruth Beder Ginsburg and Andrew Johnson. Together, they join the pool of contemporary thought leaders and experts.

Like this, United States: The Struggle for Independence It is a historical journey through American history, encouraging the audience to question what the United States really means.

The documentary will premiere on Netflix on February 17.

Cast and Production

presented by Will smithThe documentary has a large cast. between them, Samuel L. Jackson, Mahershala Ali, Yara Shahidi, Pedro Pascal, Randall Park e Diane Lane.

Kenny leone Assumes the direction of the documentary. In return, the script is in charge Robbie Imbriano, Sasha Stewart and Tom Yellin.

Will Smith as a presenter

United States: The Struggle for IndependenceI Will brings in Smith as the main presenter. In an interview with Collider, the actor said: ‘I have time to present this documentary. We live an unprecedented day as a society, a country and a human family. I believe the cultivation of personal and historical understanding that gives rise to the flame of compassion and is in dire need.

I believe that a deep understanding of the 14th Amendment is an important starting point‘. watch Trailer United States: The Struggle for Independence.

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