University in the UK has a “haunted house” collection

University in the UK has a "haunted house" collection

The University of Sheffield, UK, has a collection open to the public with around 80,000 photographs of “haunted houses” from various fairs.

For many people, fear is an integral part of any kind of fair experience. In the Victorian era, in the UK, it was already known by merchants who toyed with the idea of ​​captivating the public through fear.

In the early 20th century, it often included Bhoot Bangla this is Train Ghosts, in which fair visitors wandered through dark tunnels inhabited by mechanized animals.

Arantza District, Collection manager at the National Archives of Fair and Circus, University of Sheffield, explains Portal atlas obscura The widespread interest in spiritualism and communication with the beyond was responsible for the success of this type of attraction at British popular fairs.

“In the Victorian era, it was a center for workers to come together and gather to escape their monotonous lives,” Barutia insisted. “this was the place” where he saw lightning for the first time, Steam power for the first time, moving image for the first time”.

hey National archive of fairs and circusesFrom the University of Sheffield, brings together more than 400 years of history. file is approx 80 thousand digital images Several haunted houses in the UK that you can consult right here.

Among the many haunted houses of popular fairs, one is believed to be the first. Designed around 1915 by entertainment titans Orton and Spooner, the “Haunted Cabin” It stunned its visitors with uneven floors, vibrant walls and unexpected gusts of wind, among other things. This attraction is still in operation today in Hampshire, southern England.

Peter Wellen / National Fairground Archive

Hampshire Fair’s “Haunted House”.

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