US Ambassador Mentioned ‘Importance of Words’ for Success in Biden-Bolsonaro Relations International and Commodities

US Ambassador Mentioned 'Importance of Words' for Success in Biden-Bolsonaro Relations International and Commodities

United Nations Ambassador in Brazil Todd Chapman today highlighted the “importance of words” and “communication of honor” for the success of bilateral relations under Joe Biden’s administration at the White House.

Speaking to reporters, Chapman said that the new US government’s emphasis on environmental issues and combating climate change is “fairly obvious to all”, as well as a desire to strengthen multilateralism with the return of the United States. Paris and the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Now is the time to establish new channels of communication between President Biden and the President of Brazil. The task of diplomacy is for these conversations, ”he said.

One of the more accessible foreign diplomats at Planalto Palace and Itamarti, Chapman used words that contrasted with the narrative adopted so far by Jere Bolsonaro and Chancellor Ernesto Araújo. Bolsonaro gave a fraud speech in the US elections. Arajo called protesters in Washington on 6 January, in a protest that culminated in the invasion of the Capitol, “good citizens” and wrote on his social networks that “doubting the appropriateness of the electoral process does not mean a re-election of democracy. ”

Chapman, by far a favorite negotiator for Bolsonaro and Araujo in Brasilia’s diplomatic community, went the opposite way and expressed a “complete disapproval” of the invasion. He, who returned from vacation on Monday, said he was in Washington on the day of the violent demonstrations and criticized the spread of the news with manipulated content.

“Yesterday (in the context of Biden’s term) was a new beginning. The beginning of a legally elected administration, supported by a majority of voters in our system. [Uma eleição] Definitely and democratically, certified by Congress and reviewed by organs of justice ”, the Ambassador said. “It is a fact that we should always insist. We must emphasize the importance of correct news, so that misinformation does not spread. Fake news is not good for anyone. ”

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On the 7th day, following the violent incidents in Washington, Bolsonaro indicated fraud: “People have to analyze what has happened in the US elections now. What was the problem originally, the cause of this entire crisis? Lack of confidence in the vote. Then, people there voted and increased by the post office because of the epidemic. And three, four times were the people who voted, the dead people voted, it was a party. ”

Chapman said today, “Our democracy has worked, institutions are solid, that’s the central message.” He considered the letter sent yesterday by Bolsonaro to Biden as “very constructive”, indicating areas of convergence. “There are always topics that will continue: economic, health, education, military and security.”

“There will always be one or the other kind of change, but Brazil-United States relations are already so consistent that our institutions work together: the Department of Funds with the Ministry of Economy, the Department of Energy with the Ministry of Mines, and Energy, Central Fed with the bank… ”.

Even reiterating the issue of the environment as a priority for the Biden government, the ambassador said he had no “additional information” at this time, remembering that it was the second day of the new administration. He said that he met the Democratic president when he served as a diplomat in Kabul, Afghanistan, and then saw him as a minister-adviser in Brasilia. Chapman concluded that Biden was in Brazil in 2014 and in 2015. “I can say with great confidence that he knows Brazil better than any other president on the first day of his administration.”

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