US and State of Bahia sign MoU to strengthen bilateral cooperation

US and State of Bahia sign MoU to strengthen bilateral cooperation

Agreement consolidates intention to expand participation in education, safety and health.

Rio de Janeiro, October 19, 2021 – In charge of the consulate of the US Embassy and Consulate in Brazil on the afternoon of October 13, Douglas Konfe, and the Governor of Bahia, rue costa, signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the US Embassy and Consulates in Brazil and the State of Bahia. The signing reflects the intention of both sides to expand joint cooperation in areas such as health, education, public safety and the environment. The consulate in Rio de Janeiro will represent the US government in continued implementation efforts.

Signed at a ceremony in the governor’s office, the agreement establishes clear goals, parameters and outcomes for the exchange of information, best practices, services and technologies in these areas, in addition to facilitating the exchange of experts and technical visits. does.

“We are very excited to take our relationship with the State of Bahia to an even higher level. Our history of cooperation shows that we have further expansion of business and development opportunities to improve the lives of Bahian citizens. Has the potential to do that,” Konf said.

The US embassy and consulate in Brazil already signed MoUs to strengthen bilateral relations with other Brazilian states, such as So Paulo, Espírito Santo, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, Pernambuco and Mato Grosso Huh. These agreements allow for closer working relationships and focus on identifying and prioritizing areas of cooperation.

New US Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro (consulate with jurisdiction over Bahia), Jacqueline Ward, also participated in the programme. He is on his first visit to the kingdom to visit partner institutions to learn about Bahian culture and discuss future opportunities for cooperation.

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