US announces $2 billion loan to Poland

US announces  billion loan to Poland

The agreement is similar to one reached in September 2023, which also aimed to reduce Poles’ dependence on Russian equipment

United States Department of State announced the This Monday (June 8, 2024) a new direct loan agreement for Poland for US$2 billion was signed. The treaty is similar to Other Created in September 2023, aimed at reducing Polish dependence on Russian equipment, in addition to modernizing the European country’s military equipment.

Part of the recent deal includes Poland’s acquisition of US F-35 fighter jets, Patriot missile systems and Abrams tanks.

According to US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller, the agreement “Will further strengthen the eastern side” NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Miller also said that Poland is a “Loyal ally” From USA.

“The loan amount will advance Poland’s military modernization efforts across a broad range of capabilities, significantly contributing to strengthening the defense and deterrence of NATO’s eastern flank.”Miller said.

The loans are part of the Foreign Military Financing, North American Defense Cooperation Plan. The strategy pays off “More important” Allies of the United States.

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