US companies announce donations to Republicans – US

US companies announce donations to Republicans - US

More US companies announced today that they would suspend their donations to Republicans’ duties who tried to confirm or prevent the election of Joe Biden as president of the country following the invasion of the Capitol by Trump supporters.

In addition to the Marriott hotel chain, insurance company Blue Cross Shield and banking group Commerce Bankers, which announced the move over the weekend, now join Dow, Morgan Stanley and Boston Scientific, which will no longer provide funds to Congressmen. Senators who voted against certifying the results of the November presidential elections.

According to Forbes magazine, AT&T, MasterCard and American Express were other companies that announced similar measures today.

At the same time, companies such as Citigro, JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs have decided to temporarily relinquish all their political contributions in response to the situation in the country.

According to the New York Times, Ford, Coca-Cola, BlackRock and tech giants Facebook and Microsoft did the same.

Bank of America, FedEx and Wells Fargo are considering similar measures, says Eff.

In the last few hours, several companies have chosen last Wednesday to stop contributing to political campaigns after the invasion of the Capitol.

Some companies have issued harsh messages against what has happened and are against those who, like outgoing President Donald Trump, have provoked protests by accusing them of electoral fraud, with no evidence.

Several business leaders – including some close to Trump who supported him for years – criticized the outgoing president’s attitude.

Supporters of outgoing US President Donald Trump clashed with officials and created a ruckus at the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday, while members of Congress were meeting to formalize victory in the presidential election, which Biden, contested in November.

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Five people died in the Capitol invasion, announced by police, who reported that both security forces and Trump supporters used chemicals during the occupation of the building.

However, the United States Congress confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in the November presidential election in the last phase before it was established on January 20.

Republican Vice President Mike Pence confirmed the vote of 306 key voters in favor of Democrats against 232 for outgoing President Donald Trump at the end of a two-chamber session marked by an invasion of Trump supporters.

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