US Congress Urges Facebook, Google, Twitter and Others to Distribute Capitol Attack Records Technology

US Congress Urges Facebook, Google, Twitter and Others to Distribute Capitol Attack Records  Technology

The parliamentary commission investigating the matter also requested information from social networks YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit, Gab and Parlor, as well as messaging apps Telegram and Zello.

Officials also requested records from anonymous forums 4chan and 8kun (formerly 8chan) and the website, which was created after Reddit punished a group of Trump supporters.

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The US House of Representatives Select Committee wants to obtain records of the attacks and actions in those days, including the spread of propaganda and attempts to block authentication of President Joe Biden’s election.

Reuters reported that Facebook, Snapchat, Google and Reddit confirmed receiving the request and pledged to work with the committee.

Twitter-like social network Gab said in a statement that it had received a letter from the committee and said it had removed “accounts that spread divisiveness and fear” prior to the inauguration.

Twitter declined to comment, and TikTok and Parlor did not immediately respond to requests from Reuters. Other companies could not be immediately reached for comment.

The commission is seeking records from 2020, including any policy changes made by platforms to combat misinformation, violent extremism and foreign influences in the US presidential election.

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