US Consulates Open Visa Scheduling for Students; Know how to do federal District

US Consulates Open Visa Scheduling for Students;  Know how to do  federal District

The United States Consulate in Brazil accompanies Open scheduling for student visa issuance. This Friday (21), Antonia Cassarino-Gonsalves, head of the consular section of the embassy in Brasilia, detailed the rules for requesting the document (See step by step below)

The US government banned the generation of visas in May 2020, due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. On April 16, the rule was relaxed, for which an exception was made Students enrolled in courses starting 1 August. Tourism visa suspendeds

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In the rules for students entering the country, it is mandatory to submit a negative Kovid-19 test of RT-PCR type. Results must be up to three days prior to departure.

Currently, new visas are issued for only two categories:

  • F: For academic student
  • M: For vocational / non-academic students

To enter the United States, students must be enrolled in programs beginning August 1.

  1. Ask the institution where you are registered for I-20, an immigration document created by the school;
  2. Fill in the visa form Hinted at embassy website Pay more MRV and SEVIS fees;
  3. After payment confirmation, students will be able to Scheduling for interview at the consulate.

What are the deadlines for issuing and shipping?

The interview at the consulate, which takes place in person, must take place 120 days prior to the visit. Admission in the country can be done up to 30 days before the commencement of classes.

What will happen to those who have seen?

Do I need to get vaccinated or get a cavid test done?

The us To enter, You do not need to be vaccinated against new coronaviruses. However, It is mandatory to present an RT-PCR test with a negative result, Released up to 3 days before departure.

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