US Embassy Launches Free Courses for Women Entrepreneurs News mercury | online diary

US Embassy Launches Free Courses for Women Entrepreneurs  News mercury |  online diary

One of the main tasks of women entrepreneurship is to bridge the gap of opportunities between men and women in the workplace. In addition, it directly contributes to economic growth and job creation, increases family income and creates opportunities for them to succeed.

Aware of the importance of policies that encourage this section, the RBA Group received on Thursday (16) the visit of Lisa Knouch Weinbrook, deputy press attaché of the US Embassy in Brazil, who released an innovative program to support these projects . Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE).

This program is free and is administered by the US Embassy and Consulates in Brazil in partnership with Grupo + Unidos, and registration for its second edition is open. The course is aimed at women entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to expand their businesses.

With 90 opportunities for Brazilian women entrepreneurs from all over the country, the vacancies are intended for women aged 25 to 55, who have 2 to 5 employees and who have established a business for at least two years.

“We see that this type of program is very important, as women entrepreneurs always enhance the prosperity of communities and society. This is our opportunity to invite women entrepreneurs, especially women from Para, to participate in our program That’s international.” Lisa explains.

The course will be conducted online completely free of cost between the months of November and March 2022 this year.

“Academy is not just a course. It is a 5-month learning course, completely free, in which we will provide you with all the tools you need, such as computer and internet. More than a course, it is a real opportunity to connect Huge network from all over Brazil and around the world”, emphasizes Weinbrucks.

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Registration for the course will be open till 26 September. Interested parties can apply through program website.

“We would like to invite all the women of the Amazon region, Belém and Parra, who have a business that wants to grow and who want to share it with other women in Brazil and around the world. Wanting to grow up with women from all over the planet, that would be very welcome”, concluded Adida.

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