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Kerry is making pioneering efforts to induce countries to zero greenhouse gas emissions (Figure: REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)

Messenger for climate America, John Kerry, will hold meetings with leaders in India during an Asian tour, which begins this Thursday amid narrow differences on targets against climate change to curb global warming.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is being pressurized by USA and US United Kingdom Own country, the world’s third largest carbon emitter, with the goal of reducing emissions by 2050.

India, whose per capita emissions are lower than the United States, European countries and even China, He fears that sticking to that goal may serve the energy needs of his people.

Carey starts a journey this Thursday that will take him too United Arab Emirates And Bangladesh, which experts say is particularly sensitive to climate change because of the large number of people who live in areas just above sea level and because it lacks the infrastructure to protect them.

The State Department said, “John Kerry, the President’s Special Envoy for Climate, will travel to Abu Dhabi, New Delhi and Dhaka between April 1 and April 9, 2021.

By the middle of the century Kerry is making pioneering efforts to induce countries to zero greenhouse gas emissions.

us President, Joe BidenA summit was held with 22 leaders including people from India and China for 22 and 23 April and more Brazil.

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