US judge ordered the arrest of the first suspect in a conspiracy to attack the US Capitol

US judge ordered the arrest of the first suspect in a conspiracy to attack the US Capitol

A federal judge of the state of Ohio in the United States on Friday (22) ordered that Donovan Kraul, a member of the extremist right-wing armed militia Oath Keepers, be arrested in a pending trial. He is accused Conspiracy to attack the Capitol earlier this month.

At the time, five people were killed after a group of extremist supporters of former President Donald Trump attempted to block the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

“The charges against the defendants are very serious,” said Sharon Ovington, a judge in the Southern Ohio District.

The suspect is an independent carpenter, Gulf War Giants and have no definite addressAccording to federal prosecutors. He was already detained by the US police and has now been sent into custody.

Defense lawyers argue that Kroll suffers from skin cancer and should not receive proper treatment in prison. Furthermore, they argue that because it is a War veteran, defendants deserve trust And follow any rules imposed by the courts.

Image shows Donovan Kraul in front of US Congress on Caponol invasion day, January 6, 2021 – Photo: Jim Borg / Reuters / Archive

Kraul and his group mates are Thomas Caldwell and Jessica Watkins The first suspects were charged with conspiracy To control the US Congress and prevent Joe Biden from being certified as President.

All three are members of the same anti-government militia.

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