US launched airstrikes in Syria against Iran-backed militia formations. International

US launched airstrikes in Syria against Iran-backed militia formations.  International

The United States carried out the first military campaign of the Joe Biden era Syria This Thursday. In response to recent attacks on the United States and its coalition in Iraq, according to the defense forces, US forces launched an airstrike against a structure that belonged to the Iran-backed militia. The bombing, authorized by the president, destroyed facilities located at a checkpoint, such as those used by groups such as Qatbe Hizbollah or Katab Syed al-Shuhada.

“This military response was done in diplomatic measures and in consultation with coalition partners,” Pentagon press chief John Kirby said in a statement. “Operation sends an unmistakable message: President Biden will work to protect the United States and coalition troops,” he continued.

The Pentagon presented Biden with other large-scale attack options, but the Democratic leader opted for more limited options, defense sources explained to the local press. The decision to attack only in Syria and Iraq prevents the country from reacting and gives it time. The Iraqi government is conducting its own investigation into the February 15 attack, in which a series of rockets led to the death of a non-contractor at a US military base located at Erbil International Airport in a Kurds-led semi-autonomous region. Wounding American and other American contractors.

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Washington did not officially name the person responsible for the attack, but government sources noted this week that Shiite groups linked to Iran have been responsible for similar operations in the past. Rocket attacks on US positions in Iraq, with talks between Washington and Tehran to resume the 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by former President Donald Trump.

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