US Senator Elizabeth Warren tests positive for COVID-19 – Coronavirus

US Senator Elizabeth Warren tests positive for COVID-19 - Coronavirus
US Senator Elizabeth Warren is infected with Kovid-19. He made the announcement this Sunday via Twitter, where he revealed that he has been vaccinated against the virus.

“I am regularly tested with covid, whereas in the first week I was testing negative, today [domingo] I tested positive,” announced the 72-year-old Democratic senator who was elected by the state of Massachusetts.

“Luckily, I feel only mild symptoms and I am grateful to be protected from serious illness because I have been vaccinated and with a booster dose,” wrote the Democrat on the social network. Elizabeth Warren also encouraged others to seek vaccination as soon as the epidemiological situation in the country worsens.

The US is facing another surge of coronavirus, with an average of about 127,000 new cases per day, up from nearly 70,000 cases in November.

The White House’s top medical adviser, Anthony Fauci, warned this Sunday that a cold could lead to an even more rapid spread of the Omicron version of COVID-19. The expert warned that the virus mutation has “extraordinary spreading capabilities”.

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