Venomous snakes in Australia are bigger, stronger and cause fear

Venomous snakes in Australia are bigger, stronger and cause fear

A group of Australian hunters are baffled by the size of the venomous snakes found in homes in New South Wales, a state off the east coast of Australia. According to Australian Snake Catchers, they hide in gardens, dumps and garages, as well as in firewood, cinder blocks and debris.

Catchers say they have already removed dozens of snakes from inside homes and this is just the beginning of “snake season”.

for australian tv news 9newsGroup leader Sean Cade said he had caught an “extra-large” brown reptile – about 2 meters long – at a home in West Sydney in early October.

Since then, they have caught more than a dozen eastern brown snakes and more than 25 red snakes considered “lethal”. “They’re bigger than average and very healthy,” Shawn said.

The expert explained that the season begins in mid-September and lasts until March, coinciding with the Australian summer. But, according to him, this year accelerated due to the rat plague, which affected a large part of the east and south of the country in the first half of the year.

Experts say rodents are breeding at high rates and destroying crops in Australia. British newspaper Sun He says that farmers were forced to set their crops on fire, and there were instructions in the field to tie ropes to their pants to prevent them from climbing on their feet.

Rat expert Steve Henry of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization said rodents are an excellent food for reptiles. “We will see healthy snakes, but not necessarily more of them.” It remains to be seen whether a second wave of rat plague will follow.

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