Via Streaming – Almost Human Stars

Via Streaming - Almost Human Stars

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“My Heroes Were Cowboys” is an original Netflix documentary that follows Hollywood’s most famous animal trainer

To show an audiovisual production, there is usually a large team behind it, in addition to producers, actors and filmmakers, who “hands onBecause they work to provide support, some famous personalities in the audiovisual world often don’t get so much recognition from the general public, who in most cases don’t even know them. And that’s about one of these personalities. in that Netflix original production”my heroes were cowboys“, which is to premiere on September 16, let’s talk about it.

One original netflix documentary, “my heroes were cowboysFollows the life of a professional horse trainer Robin Wiltshire. In love with western films, Robin had a very difficult childhood and feature films were his refuge and greatest passion. His first contact with horses was as a rodeo cowboy, a profession he practiced for seven years in Australia, where he was born. Before moving to California (United States), where he lives and works to this day, Robin had already been introduced to the world of cinema, but it was on American soil that Koch would get his fame, mainly from his Because of their professional history and their emotional contact with animals, a skill developed throughout their lives.

The relationship between Aussies and horses is truly impressive and soon caught the attention of producers of audiovisual media of all kinds. So, Robin began training his horses for appearances in commercials – among them the horses even played football – in movies and series. One of the trainer’s major concerns is the health of the animals, which are exposed to multiple stimuli during the recording, a topic that is also addressed in production. Overall, the documentary is interesting enough for anyone who, in addition to just liking horses, is also interested in what goes on behind the camera in major Hollywood productions.

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