VIDEO shows rescue of flat-headed shark caught in series in Australia

VIDEO shows rescue of flat-headed shark caught in series in Australia

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After a series a fragile rescue operation was entangled in a chain in the Australian Golden Coast Channel.

The flat-headed shark was spotted in trouble in a channel known as Bigera Waters in the Golden Coast region of Australia this weekend. A team from Sea World Australia was called in the rescue.

Marine life experts took the helpless whale to the instrument to remove the chain from the fish’s dorsal fin. After some attempts to catch the shark to rescue it from the chain, the pros succeeded in completing the rescue operation, despite knowing how flat-headed sharks got trapped in the chain.

Sea World’s leading vet, Drs. Claire Madden, said 9 News Channel came to know that the animal had no serious injuries.

“We chased the shark long after we left that current, and I can report that it was only a superficial wound,” he confirmed.

The species, which lives at a depth of 30 meters, is also found in Brazil, mainly in Recife. Flat-headed sharks are also living things with the highest testosterone index on the planet, and even females have higher levels. They are very territorial and constantly attack other sea creatures, even larger than them.

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