Vivo gets a teaser, a musical film by Lin-Manuel Miranda, on Netflix

Vivo gets a teaser, a musical film by Lin-Manuel Miranda, on Netflix

VivoMusical film by Lin-Manuel Miranda ()Hamilton) No NetflixHis first was Teaser Revealed Look up.

In the film, Miranda voices Vivo, a Quinju (or Jupara), who through music plays the Andes (Juan de Marcos Gonzalez) And performs in a class in Havana, Cuba. When famous singer Marta Sandoval (Gloria Estephan), A former partner of Andrés, invites her to his farewell presentation, Vevo goes on a journey to deliver an old love letter from his boss to Marta.

In addition to voicing the protagonist, Lin-Manuel Miranda also wrote the original lyrics for the feature, featuring the soundtrack Alex lacmoire, Award-winning composer, who worked with Miranda on music In heights I Hamilton. The script also has an affiliate of Miranda as it is signed by Quira Alegria Hoods, She wrote In a new york neighborhoodFilm adaptation of In heights. Direction is double Cancer Demico ()the Croods) I Brandon Jeffords ()It’s raining hamburger 2) Belongs to.

Still no release date for this Vivo. The film was originally expected to be a theatrical hit, but following an agreement between Sony and Netflix, the film received distribution Streaming Outside the United States.

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