WandaVision beats Bridgeton as the most watched streaming series

WandaVision beats Bridgeton as the most watched streaming series

VandavisionThe first series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Disney + reportedly attracted a larger audience than Netflix’s period drama, Bridgerton. The series debuted its first two episodes on 15 January, after which a new episode was released every week. Meanwhile, the first season of Bridgerton Made by Shundaland – was released in its entirety on Christmas Day 2020, before being in the Netflix Top 10 for a long time.

Vandavision The titular couple, formed by Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vizo (Paul Bettany), are two superpowered and passionate creatures who live in disguise in the delightful town of Westview. Each episode of the series describes a different era from the sitcom, references to which are becoming contemporary as the series progresses. Although his unconventional style was initially considered risky, the new approach to the series’ two beloved Marvel characters earned the show the enthusiasm of fans and critics alike.

According to VarietyJanuary hearing Vandavision Beat the cutie Bridgerton. According to viewership points, the Marvel series earned 8,127 points compared to 6,808 Bridgerton, Meaning that the successful Disney + series was viewed in the first month of 2021 by nearly 81.3 times the average title on streaming service platforms. Vandavision I inner heart In January, with first and third place in audience size, Bridgerton Second, Disney + was still the fourth most popular streaming service of the month in the United States, lagging 3% in proportion to time spent on streaming devices, Netflix (23%), Hulu (12%) and Prime Video. 5%).

Bridgetton / Press Release / Netflix

Although the figures only provide references until January, Vandavision Has been growing steadily since its first month and has been the most popular show in the world since the release of its fifth episode on 5 February. Parrot analytics.

There are concerns that Marvel Studios’ small-screen release did not match its cinematic offerings. Vandavision, But there is doubt as to how much the success of this program could change future Marvel projects. Director of Marvel Studios, Kevin feige, Expressed enthusiasm for the success of the program this week, calling it a “Explosion of creative energy” Specifically for studios and MCUs, suggesting that Marvel may wish to inject some satirical, intimate dramatic risks and Vandavision In your other projects.

Eight episodes of Vandavision Are available at Disney + And the first season of Bridgerton Available at Netflix.

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