Wants their time and ‘homemade card’ – Hollywood life

Wants their time and ‘homemade card’ – Hollywood life

Brad Pitt’s birthday wish proves he is the ultimate father. The seemingly experienced star turns 57 today – here he plans to celebrate with his children.

Brad Pitt Celebrates his 18th birthday today, December 18, and nearby audiences One Upon a Time … in Hollywood Tell the star Hollywood Life Unusual is the only party he plans to have with his children. “Brad is the little key when it comes to his birthday,” shared a friend of the megastar. “He doesn’t really make a big deal about it. He is in between work Bullet train So he is very busy with everything but of course he will celebrate with his children at some point because they love it. ”

Bread shares Maddox, 19, Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 14 and twins Nex And Vivienne, 12, with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, 45. Brad and his Mr. and Mrs. Smith The co-star was split in 2016 – but they are still embroiled in a seemingly never-ending battle. Fortunately, Brad spends time with the kids, and our source says he hopes to celebrate with them and get handmade treasures.

Brexit Pitt in 2014 with Pax Thian Jolly-Pitt, Shiloh Novel Jolly-Pitt and Maddox Jolly-Pitt. [AP]

The source said that young children are still at the age where they like to make cards and make whole cakes and birthday candles. “So it will happen, it’s just a matter of him taking time off from work and of course a lot of parts go with the Covid protocol. But the only thing Brad wants for his birthday is the homemade cards his kids make and spend time with, something he cherishes. Otherwise, he will miss his birthday soon. ”

Watching Curious case of Benjamin Button Star, it’s hard to know that he’s just ashamed of his 60th birthday. And, according to another source, Brad could hardly believe how fast time passed. “Birthdays near Christmas have always been exciting for Brad and this year in particular is different than any other. The main reason is that he can’t believe he’s going to 60. ”

However, Brad did not insist on getting buddy. “He is getting bored and living a loving life,” the source shared. “And he’s going to talk to his loved ones today and this weekend. She’s going to a party, and she doesn’t have hopes and gifts. He is just waiting to hear from his children and is having a great time because he is healthy and everything in his life is going very well. He’s in a great place right now. ”

Brad Pitt Birthday Plan Kids
Brad Pitt Brad Pitt at the Academy Awards in February 2020. [AP]
As Brad revealed last year, he opened up about buozing in Hollywood GK Q Australia “I’m behind the camera on the production side and I really enjoy it. But I kept doing less and less. I really believe that overall it’s a young man’s game – not that the old characters aren’t important parts – I feel, in the game itself, it will move on naturally. All of this will be a natural choice. ”

“But I’m curious to see what the future holds for the film, what it looks like,” he added. “I really appreciate the streaming services because we are seeing more and more quality projects being created. We see other writers and directors and actors taking shots. It simply tells you how talented you are. I think there is room for both. But I can be a dinosaur and don’t even know it, man. And the comet could be in the way. “

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