War of modern times. Recruitment of “social media soldiers” in India

War of modern times.  Recruitment of "social media soldiers" in India

The next type of war is coming and a new type of troops is needed. Instead of equipping themselves with helmets and armor, they are equipped with “soldiers of social networks” Smartphones, Cross-platform accounts and technology expertise.

It is not new that some governments are using social networks as a tool to control their populations, influence outcomes and decisions, or spread disinformation through campaigns. Online. However, according to Interesting engineeringThe way other people are learning to respond through technology is now at the forefront of the agenda.

in Ongoing, a Freedom of home, A non-profit organization that categorizes countries for freedom on the Internet, highlights Increased vigilance Social networks around the world and say that the “new battlefield” of democratic forces are being fought on digital platforms.

In some countries, such as China and Russia, where Internet freedom is low, social networks are Silent or censored, As well as used for propaganda.

In Turkey, for example, a new 2020 law imposes strict requirements on social media companies and increases the government’s ability to censor speech Online.

Social networks have the potential to develop certain themes and themes, such as when the movement occurred Black Lives Matter, After the murder of George Floyd.

Therefore, to counter-attack, some government parties are gathering forces to monitor and react to opponents’ movements. For example, this Monday, Indian National Congress Announced Actively searching 500 thousand “warriors” Social media “to challenge the opposing party, the People’s Party of India, Online.

“This is a real army. It is an army that will defend the idea of ​​India. We are building this platform for you. To give you the tools to win and win this battle, ”said Rahul Gandhi, Member of Parliament of India The Indian Express.

Congress will recruit 50 thousand office holders All districts in India and will be helped by 450 thousand volunteers In their “war” on the Internet. Everyone will receive appropriate training to know how to properly counter the propaganda of the opposing party.

The war is just beginning through social media and other digital platforms. Some nations, institutions and people are struggling to find ways to deal with it and are using it to their advantage and hopefully the world.

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