Watch 6 Movies on Netflix and Laugh and Cry

Watch 6 Movies on Netflix and Laugh and Cry

Movies to watch and cry with laughter, novels, horror or comedy? Well, if you are a comedy team, you have come to the right place! Today we’ve picked out for you movies that are spotless on Netflix, with crazy stories that promise to make your stomach ache with laughter. So, watch 6 movies on Netflix right now and cry with laughter. Prepare popcorn and laugh and come join us!

Watch 6 Movies on Netflix and Laugh and Cry

1. Plague Goat

We started our movie list Netflix To watch and cry with Admilson Filho and Mathews Nachtergele Which remains of some unlikely police officers. Basically, one comes to So Paulo from Syria looking for a kidnapped goat, and the other tries to show service in the capital. Together they embark on a great and fun adventure.

2. Help, I became a girl!

Next is this cliché comedy of body swapping. But the difference here is that we have a shy boy who wakes up in the body of the most popular girl in school. Thus, he has a chance to be closer to the girl he fell in love with.

3. Bad Trip

Bad Trip is, in short, filmed in a “gotcha” format, the biggest trip ever. Thus, he brings two men to California, who decide to steal their best friend’s sister’s car and cross over to the United States, thus, reaching New York and a relationship with one of them for the boyfriend. I ask. The bigger problem is that on the way, both of them trick the people and they are started by the police.

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4. At Second Sight

Without delay, the film is inspired by the life of comedian Elijah Schlesinger. So he brings up a comedian who doesn’t believe in love until he meets a kind man who turns out to be his best friend. But the great thing is that the story is told in an unexpected way, full of twists and turns.

5. Carnival

In the meantime, we have a nostalgic comedy set CARNIVAL in Salvador. Thus, centering on four best friends, the story unfolds on the adventures of four different girls who will spend their days of fun in the capital of Bahia.

6. Tok, Toko

Finally, we bring this movie from 2017. Basically, many patients try to spend time in an office room, waiting to be seen by a late psychiatrist. However, there is one detail: they all have some sort of obsessive disorder.


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