Watch Adele try out an American accent in the new ‘SNL’ teaser

Watch Adele try out an American accent in the new 'SNL' teaser

Adele Is set to return this Saturday as the host of the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, And now some brief teasers for the episode have been released.

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In clips posted on social media, Adele is seen introducing herself to a musical guest. His And SNL cast member Kate McKinnon – all donor masks.

In the clips, there is some confusion as to who Adele is referring to when he says he is ‘her’, and Adele McKinnon, in an interesting, “British” one, responds with a very impressive American accent.

Watch the teaser below:

It’s been almost five years since Adele broke the record with her last album, ’25 ‘, and there have been a lot of red herringings about when the actual follow-up will be released.

In February, she was filmed at a friend’s wedding, telling audiences to “expect my album in September.” However, in June, his manager confirmed that new content would not be released.

In August, he asked a fan on Instagram when the album would be released, to which he replied, “I honestly don’t know.”

Although we don’t know if the album will be released yet, it has been reported that she is working on it with producer Rafael Sadiq in addition to John Legend.

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