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In recent years, Netflix has shown a worrying trend: the unexpected and early cancellation of many series loved by the public and critics alike. Recently, Munch confirmed the end of Jupiter’s Legacy after just one season.

Even after investing more than $200 million in production — which was billed as one of the most anticipated releases of the year — Netflix decided to end the story, not authorizing production for a second season.

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With the cancellation of Legacy of Jupiter, creator Mark Miller revealed on his social network that Netflix is ​​in the midst of a live-action adaptation of another comic set in “Millerworld”: Supercruxes.

Check out everything you need to know about the making of SuperCrooks on Netflix below!

The film adaptation of Supercruxes has been an idea that has been around in Hollywood for years. Studios such as Waypoint Entertainment tried to adapt the comic’s plot for cinema, but were unsuccessful in the process.

According to Deadline, the live-action adaptation of Supercrux is still in its early stages. In other words, the production team did not elaborate on the project.

The anime version of the plot, on the other hand, is confirmed to debut later in 2021.

Other projects set at Millerworld should have started before SuperCrooks, such as American Jesus, The Magic Order and Reborn, in addition to the films Empress, Huck, Sharky the Bounty Hunter and Prodigy.

All of these projects are in various stages of development, and none of them have a confirmed release date on Netflix.

Netflix hasn’t announced the cast of Supercruxes yet. Speculation suggests that some characters from The Legacy of Jupiter may also appear in the new series, as both productions are set in the same universe.

Legacy of Jupiter had a great cast, made up of big movie and TV stars such as Josh Duhamel (Transformers), Leslie Bibb (The Big Easy), Ben Daniels (The Crown), Elena Kamporis (Greek Wedding 2), Andrew Horton, and others. Came from the Desert), Mike Wade (Road to Juarez), Matt Lanter (The Vampire That Bite Demcelves) and Anna Akana (Ant-Man).

As the series ended without resolving major turning points, a cameo in Supercrux could represent a conclusion to the stories of the stars of the canceled series.

The origin story of SuperCrooks follows an attack by a group of super-villains, recruited by newly liberated Johnny Bolt. The team’s latest crime is to be committed in Spain, as the United States is saturated with an expressive presence of heroes and villains.

The characters aim to attack another super-villain, known as The Bastard, who keeps all his earnings in a vault in the basement of his house.

4 versions of SuperCrooks were released in 2012. However, according to a statement from Mark Miller, the series will have to introduce new plots.

The Supercrux series still doesn’t have a release date on Netflix.

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