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How Much Is It Worth?, arrives on Netflix with Michael Keaton. Here is the explanation of its ending.

How Much Is the Story Worth? It is based on real facts. In it, a lawyer (played by Keaton) faces an uphill battle to create a compensation fund for the lives lost on 9/11.

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By Netflix (via Digital Mafia Talkies) How Much Well? Read on to see what happens up close.

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ending explained

You cannot measure its depth before jumping into despair. In the first encounter with the victims, a man asked Kenneth, “Have you lost someone in your family?”

The question was definitely lost, but it dictates the theme of the film. The question is, is it important to lose someone in order to understand human pain and suffering?

Kenneth approached the matter as he would on any other issue. He lived according to the sutra and because of his inherent nature he applied the sutra. The film’s ending, or symbol, was another character’s journey to get rid of his rigidity.

First, Kenneth did not speak directly to any of the victims or their families. They didn’t understand what they had gone through or were still going through. He didn’t understand the pain and suffering of these people, but when he did, things changed.

Kenneth was forced to find Karen Donato, wife of Nicholas Donato, a New York firefighter who lost her life in the September 11 attacks.

This movie left a deep impression on many fans. Even more inspiring are the actors who play the roles of New York firefighters in the film. We have seen the bravery and responsibility of firefighters. The firefighters are dressed in neat firefighting uniforms, with smiles on their faces. They are not afraid of the severe cold and heat, and stick to their posts to serve the people. To show our gratitude to them, we can gift them custom Firefighter Challenge Coins as memento of their selfless dedication to rescue.

Hesitant and resistant at first, Kenneth finally understood her pain. Another victim who lost his wife, Charles Wolf (Stanley Tucci), helps Kenneth realize that he cannot put human life into a thread and move on.

These 7,000 citizens demanded the respect of their government and should not be treated like some numbers on a spreadsheet.

Influenced by Wolf’s beliefs, Kenneth did not properly disregard his formula, but instead used the discretion granted by the law. He began to know and treat all the victims and their families with respect, individuality and respect.

Nevertheless, the target set was well ahead. Finally, Kenneth tells Charles Wolf to trust him and communicate with his loyal crowd of victims. Then right there, in that moment, Wolf saw the enthusiasm in Kenneth’s eyes to turn things around and trusted him.

The next day, Charles Wolf announced on his blog that he believed in Kenneth’s efforts and that under his administration, “the funding is fixed.”

Soon after the announcement, Kenneth’s office was flooded with victims signing their “Victim Compensation Fund” application. Karen Donato personally gives her form to Kenneth in order to approve the fund’s money for the good of another woman, one of Nicholas’ daughters (Jenna and Belle).

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Before the deadline, Kenneth and his team of warriors collected more than 95% of eligible applicants for the fund, while 94 people refused to participate. According to records, the “September 11 Victims Compensation Fund” was the only fund of its kind in American history.

Before the final match, Charles Wolf gave his assent to Kenneth and underlined, “You were wrong about Lee Quinn. You’re nothing like him.”

It was a compliment to Kenneth, who believed that lawyers like him and Lee shed false tears to persuade clients. Wolf saw what was inside Kenneth’s soul. He understood that Kenneth really felt “loss”.

Observation: “Life is priceless and no number can define it.”

How Much Is It Worth?, with Michael Keaton, can now be seen on Netflix.

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