“We were not the first nor the best”: lvaro Morte compares the success of La Casa de Papel to other Spanish series (INTERVIEW)

"We were not the first nor the best": lvaro Morte compares the success of La Casa de Papel to other Spanish series (INTERVIEW)

The Spanish actor stars in Amazon Prime Video’s new Spanish series Same Limits, which premieres on July 8.

La Casa de Papel was a resounding success on Netflix. Straight out of Spain, the plot follows a group of robbers led by the intelligent professor, played by lvaro Morte. The thieves unite in a perfectly calculated plan to break into the mint and commit the biggest heist ever in history.

In 2020, Charm became Netflix’s first non-English-language worldwide hit. The success of the series extended to other international productions such as French Lupine and South Korean Round 6, which is currently the most-watched attraction on the stage – not only internationally, but also across the entire range of series present in the catalogue.

in an exclusive interview with i love cinemaActor lvaro Morte, who was at the forefront of the project as the central character of La Casa de Papel, stated his perspective on the current scenario in which Spanish productions are becoming increasingly global.

“I have to say that I am very proud to be part of a production that has reached all over the world, which is La Casa de Papel. We weren’t the first or the best, but I think we were able to do something important. Were that had to break those boundaries. Before us, there weren’t many productions that were successful worldwide that weren’t American, you know? Everything that was a huge hit came from the United States. So I got on this Very proud.”

La Casa de Papel ending: Professor was the real villain of the series, say fans; understand

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in addition to the following la casa de papelleThe star was also recently in the Amazon Prime Video series, A Roda do Tempo, in which she starred alongside Rosamund Pike, and co-stars Spanish attraction Same Limits, set to be released this Friday. . (8)

“I worked on Wheel of Time, for example, which is a huge production and it was filmed in the Czech Republic with people from all over the world. And they all came up to me and said, ‘Hey, what production are they in? Working in Spain now? ? We’re very excited for that.” Not just talking about La Casa de Papel.”

“Because of that, I think one of the reasons this happens is because it influences more people to be involved and more interested in what is coming out of the Latino world,” he continued. “And nowadays, it seems that Latinity is in fashion all over the world.”

What I want is for it to be replaced by something that is a common reality. It would be better.

In the new Spanish Prime Video series, lvaro Morte plays Juan Sebastian Elcano, who is responsible for making his maiden voyage around the world with Portuguese leader Ferno de Magalhos, starring Rodrigo Santoro. In this three-month campaign, apart from the challenges faced by hunger, misery and disease, the traitors harmed and killed the crew. It was up to Elcano to complete the journey when Magalhos could not resist the difficulties of the journey.

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