What a danger! SpaceX rocket debris farm in the United States in crash – 05/04/2021

What a danger!  SpaceX rocket debris farm in the United States in crash - 05/04/2021

Can you imagine the calm in the house when suddenly, rocket debris starts falling in your debris? It more or less happened on a farm in Washington (USA) after a piece of Falcon 9 rocket SpaceX, Leave a 10 cm deep mark on the ground.

The incident was recorded a few days after some people reported seeing a “meteor shower” in the sky – which was later identified Rocket debris.

The Falcon 9 is responsible for taking StarLink satellites into Earth’s orbit and is divided into two modules. While the first is reusable and returns to Earth, the second is released into the atmosphere so that it falls into the ocean or re-burns completely when re-entering our planet. But, it seems, this time the process did not go as expected.

According to The Verge, the fall on the farm was shaped like a punching bag and was probably part of a strong module built to pressurize rocket tanks, called COPVs (abbreviated in English). Coated Compound Pressure Vessel) Belongs to.

The Grant County Police Office, where the farm struck by the object, is located, said it would not release further details and that “the owner simply wants to be left alone”.

In an interview with The Verge, a spokesman for the cabinet, Kyle Foreman, said that “neither the owner of the property nor our Sergeant is a rocket scientist, but certainly looking at what happened a few days ago, it looked Gone what were they? ” Possibly debris from Falcon 9 reentry. “The object was returned to SpaceX, which according to Foreman, should not have been on private property.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident, which brought an error several miles from where the object should have fallen. As we said, the second Falcon 9 module shuts down and usually parts of it remain in orbit for years, but some of them re-enter Earth in the ocean.

The piece of COPV, however, drifted away from entering the atmosphere from which it should have fallen, as the farm it fell on is about 160 kilometers off the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

According to the Ars Technica website, the error occurred because there was not enough fuel to “push” 1 module back to Earth and, at the same time, put the other module into orbit, making the reentry uncontrolled.

As a result, instead of burning over the ocean, the module ended up falling over the Pacific Northwest, with the event being observed in the skies in Washington and Canada.

Some people shared social media Repetition of pieces of modules on Earth classifies the event as a “meteor shower”. The Verge contacted SpaceX, which declined to comment.

See some pictures of the Falcon 9 module 2 re-entry.

The second stage of Falcon 9 is burning on re-entry above my house in Pugnett Sound.

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