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Welcome to a new version of the section where the team at Videogamers Portugal has written what they are watching. Pedro Martins took advantage of these days to give the documentary series Os Segredos das Baleias a chance, which constantly surprised him in the three episodes he watched.

Marco Gomes devoted part of his time to witness the film Sao Doirado based on a love triangle composed by Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby and Joan Kulfiel. In addition to the film, Marco also weaves words that are not very sympathetic to Mon inter Commerez.

Finally, Phillip saw Machines Against OS Mitchell, a work that is exclusively available on Netflix. It is a great animation proposal and a recommended film without any qualifications. The author says that it is one of the best films of 2021 so far.

Pedro Martins, The Secrets of the Whales (Disney +)

Mystery of the Whale is one of the best documentaries that I had the opportunity to watch in 2021. Available exclusively on Disney +, this documentary series comes with the National Geographic stamp to reveal the behavior of whales in different parts of the world – it was recorded for three years in 24 different locations.

At the time of writing this lesson, I watched three of the four episodes that make the documentary. Also Orcas, Humpback Whales, and Belugas. I have yet to see an episode dedicated to sperm whales. It is not only cinematography that is excellent, but above all material. The team first discovered and recorded various behaviors.

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For example, there is a notable moment in the third episode between Belugas and Narwal’s group. But we get to know their social side, the love between mothers and children, groups of mothers and even how they nurture the young. The Secret of the Whale is a journey that involves spectators all the time, an educational and entertainment proposition.

Perfect for watching if you have younger family members, this is also a documentary that has more than enough validity to be viewed only by adults. The narration is by Sigourney Weaver and at the end of each episode we can see the praises of James Cameron, the creator of the work. Look it up, because they are definitely secrets that are worth exploring.

Marco Gomes, Que Doirado (DVD)

This is not the first time, but I hope this will be the last, that I will bring here a version of the Spanish Mon Inter Comérage, which has a very poor qualitative index of Astaire and Rogers, 6 – not to deny the construction of a film collection building from memory. .

The list of complaints includes DVD versions based on low quality copies, which allow for missing and poorly arranged box information and subtitles in subtitles, originals with initial discs, to choose between Spanish and Portuguese, always neighboring language. Let’s use.

Thus, as can be inferred from the weight of the surnames in the title, it is a musical set in the heyday of the fifties of the fifties of the last century, with production in the United States devoted to a specific genre in its heyday.

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The first example of this is Seau Deorado (1946), Blue Skies in the Originals, which stars Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby, Joanne Culfield in a love triangle, where the heart’s indomitable desire knocks out the obstacles created in the end, and the ease From It is a far-fetched, do not know how.

Philippe Urica, Michelle Vs Machines (Netflix)

The film I chose, I do not know if it was a streaming platform as an epidemic, would we not be in an epidemic, a situation that forced most governments to shut down movie theaters. I say this because I think The Mitchell vs. Machines has very high production values ​​that will be released directly on Netflix. According to what I have read, this animated film was even more expensive than Spider-Man: In the Spider Universe.

Mitchell v The Machine, the film’s original name, sheds light on a father’s relationship with his daughter. Katie enters the university where she is going to study cinema, which is a new step in her life, but she also leaves no one indifferent to her family. Happiness is, of course, but it is also that the feeling of seeing someone leave does not make a father the best decision to face such news.

However, there was also a problem for Katie to be able to go to university: an apocalypse of machines was formed that seeks to launch all humans into space. Robot Revolution is really funny, but there are narrative narratives and you can already guess what might happen in the meantime. All of this serves to strengthen the relationship between Katie and her father, which is becoming more fragile.

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Personally, as a father who I am for two years and with another daughter who was born three months ago, the film hit me hard in my emotions. It was impossible for a film because it was not a successful film. I understand the father’s part, he does not want his daughter to make the same mistakes in his life, and will have difficulty accepting that this person whom he has made for eighteen years is about to leave.

Mistakes are the protective instinct of the father who comes to help his daughter with the best intentions in the world. Fortunately, there is something very important that the film does not forget to mention: pain and suffering is part of personal development. It is what shapes our character and transforms us as individuals.

I loved this animated film, which I think is one of the best in 2021, and which has more than justified upholstery and material to be a strong candidate for countless award ceremonies. Michelle Vs Machine on Netflix is ​​excellent.

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