What can kill a guinea pig? see if you can give bread

O que pode matar um porquinho-da-índia? Veja se pode dar pão

Guinea pig is a very cute animal, isn’t it? In fact, if you are thinking about adding this pet to your family, you need to focus on some important care. Thinking about it, today (06/03), here at My Pet do Folha Go, we’re going to tell you all about this rodent!

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Guinea Pig - Canva
What foods can be bad for your guinea pig? – canvas

Important care for your guinea pig:

Pet hygiene is essential, especially if the species is long-haired. So, groom your partner from time to time and look for someone who will do this job properly.

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Although small, this rodent needs a place to roam. In fact, the pet may not be trapped throughout the day; Therefore, make it a point to release him once a day to hug and play. In addition, the temperature of the place where guinea pigs live is also important for their well-being, as they are very sensitive to heat. In this sense, the ideal temperature varies between 18ºC and 25ºC.

For the cage, pay attention to the lining of the floor! This is extremely important, as the “floor” of the cage can injure your partner’s paws if they are poorly coated. Thus, it is advisable that you cover the bottom of the pet’s house with sawdust and hay. Also, don’t forget to have toys, as guinea pigs also need to expend energy to stay healthy. Finally, for the completion of the cage, install the feeders and drinkers.

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What can guinea pigs eat?

If the question is “Can my pet eat bread?”, then the answer is: Occasionally! Incidentally, foods in general such as seeds, oats, grapes, parsley, carrots, hyacinth, clover and barley should also be avoided. This is due to the fact that starchy foods are not conducive to the rodent’s digestive system. In addition, excess calcium is harmful to pets as well. Therefore, these foods are not banned permanently, but are best avoided.

Feeding this small animal is important not only for its internal health, because being a rodent, its teeth continue to grow. Therefore giving him food or pieces of wood to gnaw on is very important for the maintenance of his teeth.

Guinea Pig - Canva
Find out which foods are right for your guinea pig! – canvas

Now that you know the care, we have compiled a list of foods to be issued for your guinea pig:

  • pelleted feed;
  • vegetables and greens, such as beets and Swiss chard;
  • fruits, 2 to 3 times a week, such as apples, persimmons and watermelons;
  • Alfalfa and grass hay.

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