What can you do to exhaust the full memory of your iPhone?

What can you do to exhaust the full memory of your iPhone?

Anyone who has used their cell phone knows that storage space becomes insufficient at some point. The more apps you download, the quicker it seems that the device wears out. In this way, other resources are blocked and when it is exhausted is taken care of when a picture needs to be taken, all that is left is to try to delete some media content or application.

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However, think of at least 5 digital tools you downloaded that you can’t do without. Currently, it is possible to think of many solutions aimed at transportation, research and organization that should not be ruled out from cell phones. Current models often feature smart cache cleaning, only temporarily removing used information on social media and other platforms.

Delete all cache data to make better use of your iPhone memory

First stage: Go to the “Settings” section of the iPhone and tap Apple ID, selecting “iCloud.”

Second Step: Select “Manage Storage” and select the apps you want to clear the cache, remembering that this clears the activity history, not the app itself.

third step: After selecting the app, click “wipe data” and finish the operation.

Always try to check if the memory is full and also see if you don’t have any applications using up your iPhone’s memory. Social networks like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp process data practically every day, so always clear the cache of these tools. Your files can also be forwarded to one drive, allowing more content to be saved for later.

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