What will happen next? Motorola Announces Gamer Event “In Partnership” With Lenovo In Brazil

What will happen next?  Motorola Announces Gamer Event "In Partnership" With Lenovo In Brazil

Motorola began adding a sponsored post on the social network to announce the launch of a new product in Brazil “in partnership” with Lenovo on 24 February. However, at first glance, information about the device model was unclear, leading to many speculations.

The biggest Lenovo Legion duel is related to the possibility of gamer smartphones that eventually reached the country, giving the public the opportunity to have another cell phone option with these various configurations, as currently only ASUS has this type for sale. Are models. Offer, which are ROG phones 2 and 3.

13 Jan

Transparent!  Lenovo Legion Duel has got a new version

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It is not news that Motorola is part of Lenovo, an acquisition that has already taken place Have a good year Since it was made official by the company. But, until now, the companies had not yet organized anything that directly involved the names of the two as a way of showing the public that the two are one.

And this announcement shows a smart strategy by Lenovo to harness the strengths already in the country, as it is being a smartphone manufacturer as well as distributing middlemen with high conversions in sales, launching something new and giving this audience Manages to attract attracts. It already knows the work of the company.

Something interesting is that, in the link shared by Motorola, there are some words that suggest suggestions coming here, such as “DeskMob”, “Hardcore Games” and “Moba”. Separately they may not make a lot of sense, but if the brand works with a possible slogan “Take the hardcore gamer experience from desktop to mobile”, then it’s clear that the Lenovo Legion Duel phone could come here.

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“Moba”, on the other hand, may be a way for manufacturers to demonstrate that the mobile phone gamer can reach the country as a result of a partnership with some company that develops games in this category, or even with riot games, Which is already LOL Mobile in beta for a long time.

Remember that lenovo legion duel The approval process was passed in Brazil only a few months ago.S, so his arrival here, though delayed, would not be a big surprise. Now, the public is waiting to be sure of the arrival of the Snapdragon 865 Plus model, and even additional accessories to make the experience more complete.

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