What’s going on with Joe Hill? Why is he pushing the boats?

A new season of Blue blood Comes back with more drama than ever before. Part of that drama involves Jock Hill (Will Hotchman), Frank’s long-lost grandson. Season 10 ended with the family on good terms, but now it looks like it could be difficult at home.

The following articles cover the disorders Blue blood Season 11, Episode 1, titled “Triumph over Trauma”.

Joe Hill offers assistance in finding Danny Reagan

Abigail Hawk and Will Hochman on the Blue Blood set John Paul Filo / CBS by Gotti Images

Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and his partner Maria Badge (Marissa Ramirez) have gone missing after searching for a murderer. What they don’t know before they find him is the serial killer. When they inadvertently knock on his door, Rat responds and lets them in so they can look around. A few minutes later, they were locked in the basement when someone pushed the boy down the stairs.

Badge and Danny don’t answer their phones, so Jamie’s team goes to look for them. Joe Hill offers to join the search team. Meanwhile, Badge panicked as Danny knocked on the basement door and screamed for help. The killer doesn’t come down, but he sent a little love note saying, “You’re ahead!” Thankfully, Danny and Badge only meet on time, and they escape the clutches of the serial killer.

Joe Hill is acting very strange

Will Estes and Will Hochman |  Patrick Hebron / CBS via Getty Images
Will Estes and Will Hochman | Patrick Hebron / CBS via Getty Images

Jamie tries to get to know Joe well, but he gives him a cold kiss. Joe treats him more like a stranger than a family member. When Jamie tries to introduce herself, Joe says he’s a “family friend” instead of calling Jamie his uncle.

Then, at the end of the episode, when Jamie asks Joe if he’ll be full for the family meal, he refuses, saying he has plans. You’d think he would be a little more grateful when Reagan welcomed him to Joey last season. Instead, once Danny leaves, Joe can’t get out of there anytime soon.

Because Hill is pushing itself away

John Paul Philo / CBS by Gotti Images on the Blue Blood set by Will Hochman and Tom Selleck
John Paul Philo / CBS by Gotti Images on the Blue Blood set by Will Hochman and Tom Selleck

It seems that Joe’s mother, Paula Hill, met him. During Season 10, Episode 19 (titled “Family Secrets”), Paula stated that she had moved her family somewhere near Regens after refusing to turn Frank’s Joey into a less active unit (he is currently in the weapons unit). Don’t want

Although he seemed to be getting closer, we thought he was with his mother now. His attitude seemed to change overnight. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

Joe’s mother did not give him the last name Reagan and did not tell him about her family relationship because she wanted him to be her own man. She did not want to follow in her father’s and grandfather’s footsteps because she felt that this was what she had to do.

Paula also didn’t want anyone to trust Reagan’s name so he could move on. She wanted to make a name for herself. But it seems that he is taking his mother’s views to extremes. Hopefully, Joe will come and hug his family.

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