WhatsApp allows you to hide photos and other information for certain contacts

WhatsApp allows you to hide photos and other information for certain contacts

Last June 15, WhatsApp It has started providing new features to its users. Now, the messaging app will allow you to hide a range of notifications, such as your profile picture, “messages”, “status” and “last seen”. The best part is that it will be possible to choose which ones will not be able to see the contact information.

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The update was in testing since the beginning of the year

WhatsApp is working on ways to give more privacy to users, its information is not recent. Since the beginning of the year, WABetaInfo, a website specialized in Messenger, had already disclosed the initiative.

However, the features definitely started to be implemented in the last week. They promise to meet an age-old demand of users and provide more freedom to hide information. At a time when privacy is an important factor, updating fits like a glove for everyone.

How to hide photos and statuses on WhatsApp?

First, know that there were three possibilities before hiding information: “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, “Nobody”. Now, WhatsApp now offers a fourth possibility: “Except my contact…”. This ensures that only specific people cannot see much about you within the platform.

The novelty is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone) and can be accessed as follows:

1 – Enter the messaging app and go to Settings;

2 – Access the privacy area within WhatsApp;

3 – Choose which features you want to customize.

If the novelty is not yet available on your device, simply access the App Store on your smartphone. Check WhatsApp and see if there is an option to update the app. Update pending and repeat the process to access Privacy News inside Messenger.

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The process is the same for any type of device that is compatible with the most current version of the messaging application.

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