WhatsApp announces new security and privacy features


before the end of the year, WhatsApp Will release some security and privacy updates. One of them keeps you from feeling embarrassed.

This Tuesday (14), from the instant messaging app meta announced that users will be able to listen to their voice messages before sending them, allowing them to rewrite them if they contain errors. This feature will reach all WhatsApp users in the coming days.

In addition, “in the coming weeks” you will be able to choose from more privacy options for temporary messages in the app.

The feature, launched last year on the premise that “all messages do not need to be saved forever” now allows messages to be deleted within 24 hours or up to 90 days after submission, at the user’s discretion. The seven-day option was already available, and in the summer, a feature that makes photos and videos disappear once they are viewed was launched.

In the new features, users will be able to activate temporary messages by default and use them in group chats.

However, keep in mind that not all temporary messages will disappear as there are some limitations. For example, when you reply to a temporary message, it may remain in the chat, just like if you forward a temporary message to a conversation in which temporary messages are disabled.

This option can be enabled by default for all individual chats under “Settings”, then “Account”, “Privacy” and “Default duration”.

Security-wise, the messaging app, which has nearly 2 billion users worldwide, is about to launch a new function related to the visual status, or not, of your previous connections, according to Statista data.

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The new possibility, first reported by WABetaInfo, will hide your connection status from people you haven’t saved in your contacts or with whom you’ve never interacted.

“We’re excited to release this update that improves the privacy and security of our users, making it harder for people you don’t know or who haven’t spoken to to see your last connection or WhatsApp status.” It won’t change anything between you and your friends, family, or companies you know and are already in contact with.” CNN,

According to the company, this update is in the process of distribution, so there is no specific date for its release.

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