WhatsApp changed the privacy policy

WhatsApp changed the privacy policy

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After trying – and failing – to fight public outrage A serie Of tweet obviously Well-intentioned, Or whatsapp Announced On Friday (15) it will postpone its plans to implement controversial changes to its privacy policy.

Original plan that was launched randomly by WhatsApp Earlier this month It has been said that countless users will need to agree to the new terms by February 8, or their accounts may be deleted. Now, users have until May 15.

It is unclear what WhatsApp expects to happen in the coming months. Company ended Make a mistake To misinterpret what changes have been brought about the update. Countless users were under the impression that Facebook could spy on WhatsApp conversations (It will not be), Or that WhatsApp will disclose your bank information to the parent company (Again not enough) is.

While Facebook officials were strict on Twitter, so that data officers could be desperately tried to control the loss. Many countries Launching an investigation into the app’s data sharing practices, and a crowd of previously loyal WhatsApp users turned to other encrypted chat apps such as Signal and Telegram, which won Record number download. Hint – which benefited greatly from the recommendation Elon Musk – Friday suffered several drops, simply because it was not built to handle a large influx of new users.

Translation: We are adding new servers and additional capacity every week this week without interruption, but today we have surpassed even our most optimistic estimates. Millions and millions of new users are sending the message that privacy is important. We appreciate your patience.

The problems that WhatsApp has to solve are those that led many news outlets – including Gizmodo – to criticize the platform initially: by presenting these policy updates in a superficial manner and giving feedback to users Giving only a few weeks to deliver, WhatsApp started scaring people. Over the next three months, the company plans to do “too much” to clarify the situation and may be a little less clear when discussing how WhatsApp handles the privacy and security of its users.

In form of The ledge Explains, WhatsApp will still try to implement these same controversial policies as soon as the new deadline is met, only in a more gentle manner. Instead Sudden performance An unqualified policy update on the phones of countless people, WhatsApp says the notice will be sent to users “slowly” and allow them to review policies “at their own pace”.

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