WhatsApp releases an editor for creating stickers; know how to use

WhatsApp releases an editor for creating stickers;  know how to use

The novelty is now available for WhatsApp Web and can be accessed on the desktop version of the platform starting next week.

WhatsApp has released a new tool for its users: an editor that allows the creation of personalized stickers, The functionality is now available for WhatsApp Web and will be available in the desktop version, probably from next week. As for cell phones, there is no speculative launch of the new feature as of now.

Previously, Messenger users had to use an additional app or service to create their own stickers. The new WhatsApp tool is being released gradually, so it may take a few days for all users to access the new feature.

how to make stickers via whatsapp web

Sticker creation facility. can be accessed from two ways:

  1. The first is among the attachment options, represented by the clip icon;
  2. The second look is found in the most recent sticker area, represented by a “Create” button.

After uploading the image from the computer, an edit screen should be displayed to the user. You will be able to cut, resize, draw and insert text or emoji. See step by step from both sides.

Step by Step to Create Stickers Using WhatsApp Web

First way:

  • open chat;
  • Click on the clip icon;
  • Select the option “Signature” and load an image from your computer to turn it into a personal figurine;
  • Then edit the image as you like, cutting, dragging or inserting text and emoji;
  • When finished editing, click the arrow icon to send the sticker.

Another way:

  • open chat;
  • In the text box, click the emoji icon to show more options;
  • The sticker menu will be displayed on the screen;
  • Click the “Create” button;
  • Choose an image from your computer and edit it to your liking;
  • Then, simply send the card to your contact.

To save a sticker, the user has to open WhatsApp on the cell phone, click on the sticker and add it to favourites.

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