When is Riverdale Season 5 Coming to Netflix?

When is Riverdale Season 5 Coming to Netflix?

The 5th season of Riverdale is currently being aired by The CW Network, but Brazilian fans only want to know: When will the new episodes start on Netflix? For these customers, we have good news: everything indicates that new chapters will be released to the platform in mid-October.

There is also good news regarding the future of the series. Riverdale has already been renewed for Season 6, which should air its first episode in 2021.

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Basically, Season 5 of Riverdale will start airing in October 2020. However, like many other series, The CW’s production faced delays and postponements due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic also reduced the number of episodes for Season 4, which ended with 19 episodes.

What’s on Netflix reveals that Season 5 of Riverdale should premiere on Netflix; Check it out below.

Riverdale Netflix Season 5 – Premiere

After a long wait, Season 5 of Riverdale premiered in the United States on January 20, 2021. The series aired episodes 1 to 11 between January and April. Later, production resumed on a three-month hiatus, returning on 11 August.

Brazilian and American Netflix users will still have to wait more than a month for the release of new episodes. After all, Season 5 hasn’t finished its original airing on The CW.

By the end of this story, Riverdale had already aired 14 episodes. Like Season 4, there should be 19 episodes in the current year as well.

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Season 4 of Riverdale hit Netflix in May 2020, a week after the last episode originally aired.

Most CW series debuts on Netflix 9 days after the final episode aired. If this trend repeats, Season 5 should hit the stage on October 15, 2021.

However, the date may change if The CW revises some aspect of the latest episode’s airing.

With Netflix’s contract with The CW still not up, fans needn’t rush to check out Seasons of Riverdale. With Season 6 renewed, it looks like Riverdale won’t drop the Netflix catalog until 2027.

While Season 5 of Riverdale doesn’t premiere on Netflix, watch all seasons of Sabrina’s Dark World, which has a similar tone to the CW production.

The first 4 seasons of Riverdale are available on Netflix.

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