Where was the reality show filmed?

Where was the reality show filmed?

You all Circle Is back on Netflix, just in time for its self-imposed quarantine! Nothing suits you better than seeing other people in jail in solitude. So we salute Circle Franchise, reality show we need now. But this time Circle Is in a completely different language. First was the UK version, then the successful American conversion launched on Netflix in January, and now we have The Circle: Brazil. This is the same competition show in which you were drunk with so much enthusiasm in January, with only one important difference: everyone speaks Portuguese.

And seriously, this is the only major difference. “But,” you ask, “isn’t the environment a big difference? The show isn’t in a new country?” Surprise: It’s not! is confused? keep reading!

Where is it The Circle: Brazil Was filmed?

Not in brazil Despite using South American real estate plans, the contestants remain in the same apartment building Circle We. And to take it a step further, this building is not even in the United States. It is in the UK!

This is because the building was first used Circle The second season of the United Kingdom and all apartments were equipped with dozens of cameras as the producers intended to film all international versions in the same building. The building is located in Salford, a district in Manchester, England. The building is known as Adelphi Ghat 1Here on google maps) Building is an actual apartment building, which means that you can rent a floor above or below a few floors, where Circle Is recorded

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Are apartments used in the USA? The Circle: BrazilThe

They! As we searched in Circle EP, there are 10 apartments reserved for Circle Competitors in the building. You see 9 of them in the first episode The Circle: Brazil (Alex / Adam Apartment is not used in the first episode in the US version Brazil) This is what all apartments in the United States look like. The Circle: Brazil. You will find that most of them are recognizable, while some have made changes.

Akel moved into Karyn’s apartment. It has new carpets and pillows.

The Circle Apartment in American and Brazilian editions: Carian and Akel
Photos: Netflix

Dumarasek is in Shubham’s apartment. It has an impressive new sofa (which will be familiar to UK audiences Circle)

Circle Apartments in US and Brazil Editions: Shubham and Dumarsake
Photos: Netflix

Marina is in Sammy’s apartment, which has a new sofa and has lost that iconic white wall icon.

The Circle Apartments in The American and Brazilian Editions: Sammy and Marina
Photos: Netflix

Rob moved into Antonio’s apartment.

Circle Apartments in American and Brazilian versions: Antonio and Rob
Photos: Netflix

Lorne is in the old Seaborn space, which had a light painting.

Circle Apartment Edition in the US and Brazil: Seaborn and Lauren
Photos: Netflix

Gabol lives in Chris’s apartment, which has undergone a major change (I don’t know if I’ll necessarily call it a fire).

Circle Apartments in The American and Brazilian Editions: Chris and Gelbole
Photos: Netflix

Alana’s apartment remodeled for Ana Carla.

The Circle Apartment in American and Brazilian versions: Alana and Ana Carla
Photos: Netflix

Joey’s equipment is now rented from Paloma, and he has a new paint job.

The Circle Apartment in American and Brazilian editions: Joy and Paloma
Photos: Netflix

And Miranda’s apartment is now JP’s residence.

Circle Apartments in American and Brazilian versions: Miranda and JP
Photos: Netflix

If you pay attention to all the iterations CircleYou may have also noticed that some works of art and furniture have been moved from one apartment to another. For example, that large piece of art on the wall that appears prominently in Miranda’s apartment (now JP’s residence) was moved to Ana Carla’s apartment (also known as Alana’s).

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Murals from Círculo Brasil in place of Miranda and Ana Carla
Photos: Netflix

There are definitely more interior design Easter eggs everywhere. The Circle: BrazilSo keep your eyes open. It adds to the fun, if you’re as weirdly detailed as me!

First four episodes of The Circle: Brazil They are now on Netflix.

Present The Circle: Brazil No netflix

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