Where’s Mike Pence? Trump administration cancels election deficit

Where's Mike Pence?  Trump administration cancels election deficit

While he appeared on the campaign trail with Donald Trump just before election day, Mike Pence has maintained a low public profile after the results were filtered – and even when the Trump administration ran for president. A fierce battle was fought against the signs of defeat. .

And after the race Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were called in, the next day the Vice President’s public agenda was empty. He has not tweeted since the race was called.

At the time of writing, this makes him somewhat unusual among presidential allies.

While some Republicans have begun to distance themselves from the president and his false claims that the election was rigged, others – such as Senator Lindsay Graham and top White House staff – are fighting to the bitter end. Seem to be committed to, are doubling. On the President’s statements (most of them released via Twitter).

Mr Pence, who is currently not in a camp, is questioning what he will do next, although it is still unclear whether he is usually kept in the background by the administration. And there is no specific record of breaking up with the president over political tensions. Moment

However, he has chosen to disassociate himself from the President rather than fight a disastrous story more than once.

The Republican Party allegedly planned to oust Mr. Trump immediately and replace him with Mr. Pence at the top of the ticket, and some top Republicans openly called for it.

However, Mr. Pence’s reaction was more measured: he issued a statement condemning Mr. Trump’s remarks and then withdrew from public appearances, first avoiding contacting his running mate to pray with his wife. .

He inspired himself with public events and press courses a few days after the scandal, and finally returned to the campaign with a message of unity, urging voters to follow Mr. Trump to keep Hillary Clinton out of power. .

Mrs. Pence’s office has been contacted for comment.

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