Which scenes did Zack Snyder like the most?


The sequel producer revealed that he was really impressed by the feature film’s two moments

Zack snider Found out what his favorite scenes were Wonder Woman 1984. In an interview with Comic Book DebateStarring sequels producer Girl Gadot Praised moments set in Themysira, the heroine’s home island. (Via CinePop)

“I like the start of Thimisakra. I found it very funny. I like that world a lot, the world of Themyscira. I find it really attractive. I find it very interesting, so whatever happens on Themyscira, I am 100% in love ”, said Snyder.

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The filmmaker also praised the performance Chris Pine In the feature film and the return of that Steve trevor One of the highlights of the narrative.

“I really liked Steve In the cinema I thought that when he comes back, you can go on this roller coaster Diana, Where everything colors in this really intense and incredible way. Chris Pine It is amazing and the role is right and it is right in it ”, said Snyder.

Wonder Woman 1984 On 25 December was released on HBO Max, a streaming platform available only in the United States, and being shown in Brazilian theaters.

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