Which slots have remained popular over the past decade?

Even after millions and millions of different new slots online continuously being launched and released throughout a calendar year, there are some that have somehow managed to stand the test of time and appear to mature like a splendid wine would with age.

Indeed, whilst there are many Popular Casino Slots open and available to choose from, there are a number of amazing Megaways Slots from some outstanding developers in the industry that persist to remain at the very top of the pile, despite having been around for as long as some of the most popular slot trends have been born, all around the world, especially in casinos in uk.


Although NetEnt may have kept this title towards the beginning of the decade, Starburst has persisted to remain a fixture of lists that feature the best slots to play and are amongst the finest to choose from.

Indeed, there are a number of reasons such as Progressive Jackpots, that will explain why this title has managed to remain a favorite over the last decade or so, though, with each of them being particularly one of the most appealing Classic Slots to players and perhaps determining exactly what a slot game should be.

Book of Dead

Launched and released in 2016, Play’n GO’s Book of Dead slot game has significant importance within the slot game market as being one of the greatest slots to play and one of the best to have ever been developed.

Following a standard playing grid format of 7 reels and 4 rows (as well as 15 pay lines), this game instantly appeals to gamblers looking for familiarity, simplicity, and entertainment without the complexities that some games may provide.

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Gonzo’s Quest

We are going to trick and cheat a little here and go back 12 years for another of one of the most popular slot games to have ever been made. If we did not, then dedicated slot game players would never forgive us.

Gonzo’s Quest slot game features a number of outstanding graphics as players will feel as though they have been made to enter into Gonzo’s adventure across Ancient Aztec, whilst the gameplay remains very simple.

Megaways Slots

By a significant distance, Megaways is the most desirable trend in online slots at casinos in Canada and other places. Megaways is basically a series of moving reel sets that can direct towards tens of thousands of winning mixtures and combinations for each spin. The main highlight is that small risks can lead to huge wins, so they have become the game of preference for players with the aim of winning a fortune.

Progressive Jackpots

While Megaways games have given an alternative to jackpot slots, it’s still the latter that offers the most amazing prizes of all casino games. By the end of the 2010s, we were witnessing unique and individual jackpot payouts of over 15 million dollars on a daily basis. Games such as Mega Moolah, Jackpot Giant, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods will continue to draw in the gamblers as long as they keep giving those massive payouts.

Branded Games

It might seem nearly like a rejection or a contradiction, but many casino slots put enjoyment first and winning money as a secondary concern. This is best seen in the huge collection of branded slots. Developers make and base the games around popular movies, tv shows, etc., often using original footage and imagery acquired and developed through a licensing deal. The outcome is a collection of games with excellent graphics and gameplay.

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Cascade Games

The concept of cascading reels games is quite hard to explain, and it’s definitely best to see in practice. In short, we are talking about games where winning symbols vanish (after paying, of course), which then get replaced by fresh symbols. The process can be repeated multiple times, with some games adding multipliers per cascade.


To sum it up, author Joe Booth predicts that the 2020s are expected to be a pivotal decade for online casinos, with industry spectators indicating we are likely to see VR casino games and skill-based casino games replacing the traditional card and roulette variants by the end of the decade.

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