Who Are Gunther Steiner, Haas Boss To Be Cult Heroes On Netflix

Who Are Gunther Steiner, Haas Boss To Be Cult Heroes On Netflix

Between the promoted teams and Formula 1 stars, he’s a raucous, catchy phrasing boss who stands out as the protagonist of the series “Dirir Para Vive”, Netflix’s version of everything that happens in the category. In season four, Gunther Steiner returns to Haas with his brutal honesty in managing another crisis.

Haas Boss has experienced a transformation in the stage series. He was angered by everything in 2019, the year the team fell in the standings, and even had his own almost full episode in which he called the team’s drivers “fucking idiots” during another crisis.

However, over time, he began to respond better to the upheaval. In the present, her sly side competes with a smiling version of Steiner, who prefers to show the lightness of someone who believes she has a storm under control. Amidst the sympathies and outbursts, the series made him a cartoon hero, the source of quirky phrases like “when it rains, it never drizzles”—referring to Nikita Mazepin’s difficulty driving a car last year—which Eventually a new crisis developed.

Born in the extreme north of Italy, Steiner studied engineering and became a mechanic for the world rally team in the 1980s. He arrived in Formula 1 in 2001 and was Jaguar’s director for two years. He then took over Red Bull for another four seasons, took a break from F1 for a few years and returned in 2014 as Haas team principal.

The location in the chain is also strategic

Haas stopped being competitive in Formula 1 three years ago and is in a strange position: it is the “dwarf” of the grid, which has already surprised and moved among the giants in the past, but has not since Found myself again. Lately, the team has always been in trouble, with many problems to solve, and this whole debacle has been exploited by Netflix.

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Although they haven’t fought to victory for long, Haas is the only American team on the grid. Given that Netflix and “Driving to Live” target American audiences as a priority, the team is the one that provides the most access to the series’ cameras. In this sense, Steiner is one of those people who are most visible on screen.

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