Why did Netflix cancel The Damned, a series that is considered super promising?


Damned – Legend of the Lake is a netflix fantasy series based on . tells the story of nimu, a heroine of Arthurian legend. Charm is another one of them that was canceled after one season. But what happened that led to the cancellation?

While the idea of ​​the series was quite promising, it was canceled because Did not meet expectations and did not attract the public Sufficient compared to other projects.

On Rotten Tomatoes, it was given a score of 67% based on critics’ ratings, although viewership was high and only gave it a score of 53%.

In addition, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix has canceled several series that were already renewed because it was unable to bring shows into production, and there is always an influx of new shows and films to be produced. .

Another factor to be taken into account is that the fantasy series, with sets, costumes, and a lot of CGI use, eventually becomes too expensive to do.

Nimue (Katherine Langford) in Cursed, Legend of the Lake (Breeding)

The cancellation shocked the public

While not widely publicized, Netflix turned on the damned even before the book to be published.

The fact of booking and guaranteeing the actress Katherine Langford (known for starring in the series 13 why) playing the protagonist shows just how interested Netflix was for the project to be successful, which surprised the cancellation announcement.

However, after all the hype, the attraction spent only a few weeks in the top 10 of the platform and then dropped, which could also be a good explanation for the decision (in addition to the ones already mentioned at the beginning of the text).

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Also, although the plot has a good premise, its progress is confusing and becomes a difficult task to follow till the end of the story.

But now? Will there be a second season?

After news of the cancellation, some loyal fans began Election Campaign So that another streaming service can save the series – something that is common in the United States.

They also used the hashtag #SaveCursed on social media, however, the cast was freed from their contracts and free to pursue other projects, making any return regardless of the content planned for the series. Possibility becomes impossible. Second season.

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