Why is original HBO content being removed from the HBO Max catalog? – movie news

Why is original HBO content being removed from the HBO Max catalog?  – movie news

If they’re original, they should be in the catalog forever, right? But there are other issues surrounding streaming productions like Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video.

Despite arriving in Brazil on June 29, HBO Max was already present in the United States and due to a certain standardization of content, there are movies that are leaving the service’s list – they are present in the “Last Days” tab in the application. . and in website.

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However, it can be seen that the two titles belonging to the future removal list are original productions by HBO, such as the documentary The Attack on Newberg and There’s something wrong with Auntie Diane. But if they are the broadcaster’s own production and streaming service, why is it being removed from the platform? hey i love cinema answer back!

Copyright and Broadcasting Division

Like Netflix and other streaming services, HBO original productions include a variety of scenarios that vary by copyright and broadcast. First, it’s important to mention that most of the original content produced since the 1990s is owned by HBO.

But in some cases, creators may have the advantage of insisting that they keep the underlying rights — and a more limited streaming window — on the condition that they don’t sell the product to HBO otherwise. But even so, the product continues to earn the title of “Original” from HBO, as it had not previously debuted on any other platform.

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attack on Newberg I There’s something wrong with Auntie Diane These are part of the content that was initially released by the HBO broadcaster. With the recent withdrawal announcement, it is possible that they have been licensed to another provider for some time and will return to the HBO Max catalog in the future.

Netflix originals aren’t always made by the streaming giant

In addition to losing content licensed by third-party providers, Netflix also loses original branded content. That’s because not all of the streaming giant’s original titles are actually produced by Netflix. The uniqueness of these productions lies in the fact that the platform purchases the studio’s exhibition rights and broadcasts with exclusivity internationally.

In other words, what used to be shown only on stations in the United Kingdom, for example, is now shown worldwide by Netflix under the category of original content. This series is the case of the river and stockholm, which were distributed by the BBC and an Argentinian broadcaster respectively, and both were broadcast internationally only on Netflix, due to the uniqueness of streaming broadcasts that received the original title.

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Thus, it is valid to say that part of the original productions come out of the catalog because they are not owned by Netflix. Instead, they are distributed internationally exclusively by Netflix for a certain period of time. Another determining factor for the removal of such material is temporary or permanent licensing issues, such as Beat Bugs, which were briefly abandoned due to licensing issues, while Slasher was removed because the owner of the series went bankrupt. .

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Finally, some titles are withdrawn due to specific laws and licenses in each country. Do you know when content is showing in the United States but isn’t available here in Brazil? This is because some Netflix original content is removed by regions due to performance contract clauses or removal requests by the original studio.

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