Why Taliban is neither left nor right

Talibã ordena paralisação da vacinação contra covid-19 no Afeganistão

Although Afghanistan have a socialist past and mujahideen, Afghan fighters who were the first Taliban, has fought against the domination of the Soviet Union In the 1980s, left or right ideologies were far from the group’s prescription. You mujahideen According to political scientist Sébastien Boussois of the University of Brussels, they simply wanted an end to foreign shoes in the country, without caring too much about what happened next.

Of course it was not just this: Islamic militants also advocated strict interpretation of Sharia, Muslim law and the Quran, as well as a return to medieval values ​​such as the obligation to attend a mosque and a ban on the consumption of alcohol. . “Taliban, founded on the structures of the movement” mujahideen, has always propagated an ultra-radical view of religion and has not even taken into account the concept of nationality, because the important thing is to wave the flag of Islam”, says Boussois. Democracy is also not on the Taliban’s wish list. Is.

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