Why the series left Globoplay and moved to Netflix

Why the series left Globoplay and moved to Netflix

The series “Manifest – O mysterio do vu 828” was a success with the Brazilian public, as soon as it premiered on Globoplay and was later shown on TV Globo. Now, she left the top 10. But why did he change platforms?

Released in 2018 by American network NBC, “Manifest” follows a commercial flight and the passengers and crew reappear after five years of disappearance.

For everyone on board, the time elapsed during the flight was a few hours. But during that five years the world, and family and friends, had already given up on looking for them.

Gradually, those travelers begin to realize that there is a great mystery in the air, and they begin to see a path that is yet to come.

What happened to the house because of that?

After three seasons, the series was canceled by NBC in June last year.

Despite not having a significant audience on the Linear channel in the United States, the drama was already a public success in the American Netflix catalogue.

In Brazil, it was acquired by Globoplay, as it is produced by Warner Bros. TV in conjunction with Universal TV. But when Netflix announced it would save the series just days after it was canceled, the foreseeable future is that it will turn into a special production from the streaming giant.

The same thing happened with “Lucifer”. Before the series became a Netflix original, it was already available in the GloboPlay catalog. The episodes were shown on closed TV by Universal Channel.

Will There Be a Season 4 of ‘Manifest’?

Now, the three current seasons are only available on Netflix, and have become originals on the platform.

The channel has already confirmed that it will be making a fourth season, but fans can prepare: Netflix has announced that the season will be the last.

The final phase will have 20 episodes, divided into two parts. The top ten will arrive on Netflix in the second half of 2022, but there is no announced date.

Actor Josh Dallas, who plays Ben Stone, revealed in an interview that there will be a time jump in the season.

“We’re starting next season two years after where we left things off in Season 3,” he told Netflix Life. “Sometimes I think he might be an agent of the apocalypse,” he speculated.

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