Wild Rift: Use of Emotors will not be penalized by Riot Games

Wild Rift: Use of Emotors will not be penalized by Riot Games

The Wild Rift is opening for Brazil, but many Brazilians may be left out if they do not have the necessary equipment to enter the game. In this case, the use of the emulator is an option to access the game. But, unlike Free Fire, which is a league with the masses of emulators in Brazil, Riot Games is not intended to provide any support to anyone playing outside of a mobile environment or console.

“The way we think about emulators is that we are no longer directly supporting them, but we know that many players around the world use emulated devices, using Bluestacks or something else. Want to play on, “explains Forbes, communications leader for Wild Rift, Ben, at a news conference last week.

“We are still discussing it as a team because it still comes with advantages and disadvantages, and people who don’t have the right equipment can play the Wild Rift but at the same time it is a safety hole and this Will open up the game to a variety of things. He is not present in the mobile version “, he said.

“I don’t think we would be in a position where we would support the emulator in the future. But we are not in the present position to punish those who use them.”

Wild Rift is also planned for release on the console, and Riot Games also brought some more details on that occasion for that matter. See all the details in this article. More news about the competitive landscape To be announced by the end of 2021.

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See here what are Minimum requirements to play Wild Rift on Android and iOS.

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