Wildlife is being destroyed by floods in Australia

Wildlife is being destroyed by floods in Australia

On March 22, 2021, flooding in the suburb of Richmond caused ducks to swim near the submerged plate, while Sydney was preparing for its biggest flood after record rainfall in decades and the biggest cause of flooding and mandatory evacuation in the population. Flood to generate orders of. Along the east coast of Australia. Credit: Saeed Khan (Getty Image)

Are parts of australia Submerged. The country saw one meter A rain event in only five days, which occurs once in every century. Due to water Decimation In communities, forced 18,000 people Empty, Took up houses and destroyed the infrastructure. On top of this, they are also endangering wildlife.

All kinds of animals were swept away by the flood. One viral video On Friday, a kangaroo shows up to avoid flooding. But most of Australia’s wildlife are not doing so well.

“We lost a lot of animals this weekend at the Wildlife in Need of Care Animal Rescue Service in New South Wales,” the British newspaper reported Guardian, Seeing that some kangaroos died, along with many birds.

Experts are also concerned with animals that live underground, such as quolls and echidnas. As these animals live in tunnels dug in the ground, they can easily get trapped inside their homes by floods. Bletchford told the Guardian that his organization looked like this with a womb, and another expert said that the bandicoots were also affected.

Anarchy is not limited to the land. Rescuers also found many Comb-turtle The sea was brought to shore by a major storm, along with hundreds of baby turtles, dying breed.

Not all animals endangered by floods are so charismatic. Australians also took pictures of it Spiders I Cobra Trying to escape the water, by attacking their neighborhoods and homes. This scenario is already a nightmare in itself, and also indicates that many other animals are probably victims of flooding. This is very bad news, because both Spiders In form of Cobra Play an important role in regulating the food chain in Australian ecosystems.

On the other hand, coming back to a flooded house full of snakes is not pleasant. Officials in New South Wales are warning residents to watch out for snakes as well as structural damage, as it is easily safe to return home to one of the most Australian Council imaginations.

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The continent’s wildlife had already passed through a terrible year in 2020, with wildfires spreading to the countryside. it is estimated that 3 billion animals Killed or displaced in deadly flames. Three weeks after national authorities still flood Announced The country recently had 12 species gone extinct, including the first reptile, which was missing from Europe’s colony of Australia in 1700.

with pleasure, Measures are The leaders of that world – including the Australians – can protect the biodiversity we have left behind. This includes improving food systems and restoring ecosystems, as well as adopting severe climate policies that can help ensure that these climate disasters have not yet occurred. Worse. Because the last thing we need is a snake, dead or alive, to appear in people’s homes.

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