Will Good Girls be canceled? Understand the situation

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To remain on Netflix is ​​a good success in Brazil. In the United States, the series is in its fourth season and going through a moment of uncertainty.

Rumors suggest that good girls may be canceled by NBC. Must be responded to by 14 May.

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Deadline updated the status of the show and made fans even more worried. The website reported that the attraction is “truly limbo”.

On US TV, the average rating of Good Girls is not good. Meanwhile, the series performs better internationally on digital platforms and Netflix.

The website also states that NBC may find another alternative to Good Girls. If this is followed, the strategy will please the people of Brazil.

The channel would consider leaving the show only in streaming. The deal with Netflix will be more interesting to the broadcaster than the cancellation of Good Girls.

For now, Netflix and the American broadcaster have not commented on the fate of the series.

Good Girls became a hit by mixing comedy and drama in the unconventional story of the three housewives. The cast is led by Rita from Parks and Recreation and Christina Hendrick from Mad Men.

The plot begins with three women who want to change their lives. It takes them to a local supermarket to plan the robbery.

Crime causes characters to enter the world of crime. The cast also features Mae Whitman.

Good girls were made by Jenna Bans. Showrunner worked on series such as Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

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The series has three seasons on Netflix. The fourth year of Good Girls still does not have a premiere date in Brazil.

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