Will Smith’s terrifying movie hits Netflix

Will Smith’s terrifying movie hits Netflix

A highly anticipated Will Smith movie is making a splash on Netflix in the United States. It’s about Hidden Beauty, which was considered a nuisance at the time of its release.

When Will Smith plays a non-standard role, the results are as varied as you’d expect from an actor who rose to the top of Hollywood in the mid-1990s and almost completely lost his natural charisma, a star. The power remained there because of undeniable and impeccable comic timing.

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He became a serious actor on several occasions over the next few decades and earned two Academy Award nominations for Best Actor, but the mistakes were as frequent as the successes.

For every Ali or Pursuing Happiness there was a Seven Lives or One Man Among Giants, which weren’t terrifying by any stretch of the imagination, but were painfully clichéd and particularly well deserved to be recognized through awards early in the season. The look took a whimsical air to be designed. .

One of the actor’s most infamous mistakes was recently added to Netflix’s US catalog, but that hasn’t stopped Hidden Beauty from making the top 10 most-watched movies in the country.

A star-studded drama with fantasy elements sounds intriguing on paper, but after a promising first act, the story gets derailed when a series of laughable twists and turns make its presence felt.

Filled with casual coincidences and cheap sentimentality, it’s a waste of Will Smith, Edward Norton, Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, Naomi Harris, Michael Pea and more, but despite a terrible Rotten Tomatoes rating of just 14%, Netflix Customers across the United States are giving Hidden Beauty a steady thumbs up, though it’s interesting to see that after the initial curiosity factor wanes, it soon manages to stay at the top of the ratings.

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Although it has recently been released to the streaming giant’s catalog in the United States, Belleza Hidden has been available for some time on Netflix in Brazil, where it was also relatively successful when it became available.

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